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Order your Christmas Hampers & Food now...

A stunning range of pickles by the very talented Camilla Lywood. Camilla expertly demonstrates restraint and flamboyance in equal quantities...a beautifully sweet onion marmalade, a hot chilli jam that caresses your tastebuds rather than overwhelming them. Our favourite, without any doubt, is the Carrot and Coriander terms of flavour and texture this is a knock-out winner.


The team at Ace Tea produce a wonderful range of tea.


The Orange Marmalade Breakfast tea drinks like a traditional breakfast tea, but then, as you breathe out, the wonderful essence of orange marmalade embraces your senses...a wonderfully addictive brew.


Brewed by hand in small batches by the team at Willy’s

Made using a traditional kombucha recipe with a twist. Hemp Tea is used in the base, then infused with Citra hops. 


Non alcoholic but reminiscent of a light craft ale

Wolfys range of Couscous is the perfect lunchtime solution. Just add water to the generous portion of Couscous, wait four minutes and then stir in the delicious little pot of relish. 

A tasty lunch that really will stave off your appetite until the evening.

A true artisan company combining passion with a wealth of skill.


Whether looking for mincemeat for your Christmas mince pies, some English mustard to stir in to a cheese sauce (for that important extra kick) or you are just looking for a cheeky marmalade to provide motivation for the day ahead, Otter Vale is there for you.


Otter Vale piccalilli is also beyond words, with a stunning array of crunchy vegetables.

Find Otter Vale products by clicking below and across many areas of the store, including mustards and honey & preserves.

All products Gluten Free

Until today, the only range of cooking sauces we have stocked have been the wonderfully traditional range of Thai sauces by Coconut Kitchen.

Now, after a year of searching, we have found an equally stunning AND traditional range of Kashmiri sauces.


Developed by multi-award winning chef's Sabir and Aslam, each sauce delivers a unique and powerful punch of flavour and just the right amount of heat.

Each sauce is created using the traditional technique of tarka, a process that involves adding the spices to very hot oil in order to achieve an intense aroma and flavour. 

These sauces will remind you of just how good Indian food can be (and how average high street sauces are)!

Founded by Leane, Kineta, based in Devon, provides a wonderful range of Matcha based products including truly delicious organic, vegan and gluten free energy bars and Matcha tea.

Sourced from a farm near Nishio Japan, the green tea is shade grown and then stone ground to ensure the end product has the highest nutrient levels possible.

Green Energy - L-Theanine in Matcha works with the natural tea caffeine for a sustained slow release energy.

Antioxidant Powerhouse - 17 times more than in Blueberries!

Boosts Metabolism - Matcha increases thermogenesis which helps you burn more calories.

When Avlaki owners, Deborah and Natalie first started to produce olive oil from their local olive groves, they were horrified by local farming practices. Fields poisoned by chemicals, trees wrecked by aggressive harvesting and insanitary mills.

Avlaki immediately took control of every aspect of production. Olives are harvested by hand, blemished fruit removed before being taken to a clean mill in shallow crates to avoid bruising the fruit. Avlaki also converted to organic farming and now the fields bloom with all kinds of wild flowers and natural wildlife.

The result of this love is a superior, fragrant, unfiltered organic extra virgin olive oil.


Bottled in the UK by a British company.


Inspired by their baby’s delicate skin, founder Sophie took the brave decision to steer clear of traditional bathing products, despite their promises to ‘aid relaxation’ and ‘encourage sleep’, and instead create a completely pure bar of soap from the most natural oils.

The results were almost immediate. Within days their baby’s eczema had disappeared, his skin was plump with moisture and what’s more, bath times became a joy!

The Dartmoor Soap Company has created a range of beautifully scented, yet 100% natural soaps, bath truffles and diffusers which are genuinely as good as they smell.