Product of the month...

Picualia Exclusive Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Produced with the kind of care and attention normally reserved for the finest wine. This olive oil is an exquisite emerald green and is beautiful drizzled over some mozzarella, tomatoes and basil or just poured into a bowl and enjoyed with some freshly baked crusty bread.

Charlie & Ivy's Honey & Mustard Dressing

Heady salad days...

Summer is finally here, the sun is shining and the evenings seem to last forever. Can there be anything better than a crisp, refreshing salad lovingly caressed with the finest artisan dressing or maybe a thick roast beef sandwich finished with a generous helping of Graham's punchy but balanced Horseradish sauce. 


Refreshing & refined...

I love a fine white but sometimes the alcohol they contain can be a little heavy with some summer dishes. Wild Life Botanicals and Saicho sparkling teas are absolutely stunning, and both feature a nose that demand deep long breaths as your tastebuds are prepared for a journey packed with skilfully balanced favour & complexity. 

Artisan Spotlight

Occasionally we come across a product and artisan that is truly exceptional. Clare's Preserves, Graham's Mustard and now Hunter & Gather. At £5.99 for a 250g jar, it's not cheap, but then it really shouldn't be.


Gold is not cheap and nor are diamonds, they sell at a price that reflects their value and the same is true of the Hunter & Gather range.


Their mayonnaise is beyond words, creamy and luxurious, made with the finest ingredients across a range of flavours (our personal favourite being the Chipotle and Lime, both ingredients being used with a deft touch to produce a chilli mayonnaise with real finesse).


Sell the family gold and diamonds and invest in Hunter & Gather mayonnaise...your sandwiches will thank you for it. 

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Spice up your life...

The health benefits of spice has been well documented over the years. From cumin to turmeric, all bring a wealth of benefits. With this in mind, what could be better than a curry, and we have just introduced a new range of handmade curry by the very talented team at Punjaban. No preservatives, additives or artificial colours!


The Chocolate Society

Chocolate should be an experience.  From the second your eyes dance

excitedly across the simple but classy packaging, to the moment you finally snap the beautifully tempered chocolate and place it gently in your mouth, the chocolate slowly melting and passing on its delightful gift of flavour...or maybe that's just me...

Biscotti and other crackers

Sticking with the summer theme, why not take a moment to peruse our delicious range of crackers. From fennel infused biscotti perfect for cheese and charcuterie, to Donna's handmade Highland crackers or our range of Drinks Bakery snacks expertly crafted to match your favourite drink.

Store Favourites

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