Complex and sophisticated with long finish, 'Agatherí Groves' comes from fields 5/600 metres above sea level. The terrain is limestone and marble, the climate often severe in winter. Which makes the trees produce top quality olives that make an oil that is exceptionally light on the palate, subtle in taste, with long lasting afternotes. 

This is an oil to complement delicate flavours: fine salads, steamed young vegetables, white fish, mayonnaise…. 

For a dressing, mix with lemon juice and the more discreet tasting herbs

Agatheri Groves Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil - 500ml

  • The company started by accident in 1996 when these two friends pooled resources to buy a small ruin by the sea as an escape from the stress of their professional lives. But to restore the property legally, they had to acquire several additional adjoining parcels of land, all of which had olive trees growing. Which were the start of the ‘AVLAKI GROVES’ oil.

    ‘AGATHERÍ GROVES’ came later because the fields were too beautiful not to buy: ancient fields, long left uncultivated and at 600 metres above sea level with a view which stretches for ever.

    As they started to produce olives and olive oil, Deborah and Natalie were horrified by what they observed of local farming practice: fields poisoned by chemicals, trees wrecked by aggressive harvesting, newly harvested olives dumped and crushed into massive sacks and processed in insanitary mills.

    So AVLAKI immediately and took control of every aspect of production: the olives harvested by hand, blemished fruit removed before being taken to the clean mill in shallow crates to avoid bruising. AVLAKI also converted to strict organic farming: now the fields bloom with all kinds of wild flowers and teem with wildlife in the many bushes and trees that are left for cover. 

    About Avlaki Oils

    • Organic, Extra Virgin, Unfiltered and from single terrains.
    • Bottled fresh from milling the fruit.
    • The olives picked only in December when at their optimum for taste, milled within 24 hours, the oils bottled unfiltered within weeks.
    • Verified 'Extra Virgin' with extensive chemical and organoleptic testing by an International Olive Oil Council accredited laboratory.
    • Product of organic farming on Lesvos Island, Greece.
    • Bottled in the UK.
    • AVLAKI is a British company.

    “We keep the olive in the olive oil”

  • The majority of store bought olive oil is made from a blend of olives, often from across Europe. It's not until you start trying single grove oils that you truly appreciate the wonderful qualities of the oil. The quality of the oil produced by Deborah and Natalie is simply stunning and truly drives home the point that love produces a better product that is also kinder to the environment.