The flavour for these biscuits is inspired by another famous Welsh staple… Bara Brith – a rich fruit loaf made with raisins, tea and spices. The result is a sweet and spicy shortbread.


Aberffraw biscuits are a Welsh shortbread pressed with the shape of a scallop shell and are said to be Britain’s oldest biscuit.


Legend has it that centuries ago a Welsh king was holding court in Aberffraw on Anglesey, North Wales. His wife was walking on the beach there and, seeing a pretty scallop shell, had a cake baked in its shape.


However, the true origin of the biscuit is the famouse Christian pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It is though that in about the 13th Century Welsh pilgrims began pressing shortbread with scallop shells as a symbol of the journey. We hope you enjoy this taste of history.

Bara Brith Aberffraw Biscuits - 205g

  • Set on the edge of the beautiful, wild Snowdonia National Park in North Wales lies the Shepherd’s Biscuits bakery.

    Founded by husband and wife James and Natasha Shepherd in 2013, this small family business produces a range of stunning classic Welsh biscuits and shortbread.

    Their range of Aberffraw Biscuits – under the brand name Aberffraw Biscuit Co – are sold on the shelves of some of the most prestigious shops in the world and as far afield as Kuwait and the USA.

    Their signature range of biscuits – “Shepherd’s Welsh Biscuits”- maximise the classic flavours and characteristics of Wales.