Made with wind, sea and thorns on the West Coast of Scotland, Blackthorn Salt is the ultimate transformative ingredient for today’s kitchen. Poignant and bittersweet, with a taste echoing the sea, Blackthorn Salt adds a rolling moreishness to any meal. 


This is the perfect finishing salt; the moment you (carefully) open the box, your eyes are greeted with a mass of quite beautiful off white salt crystals. An understanding of quite how special these crystals are is delivered the moment you place one on your tongue... 


100% Scottish Sea Salt


Blackthorn Sea Salt - 120g

  • Our ways are patient, gentle and sustainable: Scottish West Coast sea water is slowly trickled through the country’s only graduation thorn tower whilst being evaporated by the exhilarating West Coast winds.

    The sea water seeps along every twig and thorn, maximising exposure to our powerful and persistent coastal winds (and any sun that might be showing face). The emerging droplets partially evaporate and any remaining liquid becomes a more concentrated brine.

    The final stage is all skill and alchemy: we take the now exceptionally salty brine, add our Salters and their intricate knowledge of our salt, some gentle heat and nothing else... at all.

  • Artisan Review: Salt is without doubt the most important seasoning there is, but way too often it is not used to best effect. We have all had meals where the first mouthful is perfectly seasoned but then as you take more mouthfuls it becomes overwhelming...this is because the food has actually been over seasoned. We would always recommend you just slightly under season and then use a finishing salt to provide those little enhanced punches of flavour.

    Blackthorn Sea Salt is absolutely perfect for this purpose. The methods used to harvest this salt without doubt contribute significantly to the finished look and flavour.