These deep, dark, soft chilli flakes will enhance every meal both aesthetically and tastefully. Fresh and potent, they pack a fresh, lively punch. Spice up your life with these black diamonds.


Black urfa chilli is originally a sweet, red spicy pepper. It grows in the hills around Urfa, an ancient city in Turkey. Once cut the fresh chillies are centrifuged to remove the seeds (bitter flavour). The remains begin the curing process conducted by the master curer. The degree of curing varies from each producer due to their individual methods passed down many generations, our ‘Master Curer’ leans towards the more cured side. It’s harvested and cured in the sun for 4 days to oxidise black, developing a chocolatey fruity sensation with a profound burn. Magic! Before completion it is ground into flakes with sea salt and sunflower seed oil, using huge granite wheels. The oil preserves its texture and flavour, so that your taste experience will never diminish!


It is classed as a medium heat with a unique flavour which could be likened to the experience of an espresso on a summer’s night. 


Add to: Kebabs, grilled meats & veggies, stews, chillies & salad dressings.


Ingredients: 1Urfa Chilli, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Capsicum Annuum

BoTree Black Urfa Chilli - 50g

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