Organically grown in Egypt, North Africa, in the desert oasis of Fayoum, these seeds are bursting with a fresh herby sensation, incorporating fruity aromas of orange peel and dried apricot.


The water used for irrigation comes straight from the Nile itself (coriander seeds were discovered inside the tomb of Egyptian King, Tutankhamun). 


BoTree coriander tastes dramatically more complex and vibrant than any other variety you'll find, with the spice's classic herbal and citrus flavors giving way to a distinct coriander leaf note. It's earthy, nutty and slightly toasty, but less cereal-like than others. Texture-wise, it's also less tough and husk-like than most whole coriander seeds.


Our coriander seeds make the perfect base for flavouring your plates or for garnishing your creations. They are sweet yet citrusy, a divine combination.


You can choose to use them whole, or ground. Either way, they make the perfect addition to chutneys, salsas and pickles. When ground into salads, slaws or roasted vegetables they add a deliciously aromatic sensation. Used whole they are fabulous for sauteing potatoes, meats and legumes


Add to: Stir fry, stews, grind fresh over meat, salad dressings & desserts

BoTree Nile Coriander Seeds - 30g

  • At BoTree we are passionate purveyors of the highest quality spices. That’s why we choose single-origin spices which come from protected and designated regions. The most important thing about single origin is its traceability. With coffee, we like to know exactly where the beans come from and it’s exactly the same with spices. Blends have a bad reputation because the more you mix, the less pure they become - losing both quality and flavour. Using single-origin spices means you can experience one particular taste at its purest form, unique to that particular environment.

    All our spices come from selected regions where the climate, soil and traditional know-how yield the finest spice crops.