Kineta Organic Cacao Orange With Maca & Matcha Protein Energy Bar – Pack Of 15


A super nutritionally packed all day energy bar developed to work with your body to give you energy throughout your day.

  • Contains 500mg Ceremonial Matcha Tea per bar
  • Contains 250mg Maca per bar
  • 25% less sugar than the market leader
  • Fully raw
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten/ Grain free
  • All day energy
  • High in fibre!




An instant classic, the Kineta Cacao, Orange & Maca Energy Bars are a chocolatey, zesty crowd pleaser! Loaded with natural ingredients and free from any added sugar, our raw snack bars are totally unique and we’re not just saying that. The Kineta Protein bar range is the only one on the market that contains adaptogens as functional ingredients to bolster the body’s adrenal system. These adaptogenic ingredients include guarana, maca, and, of course, matcha tea, all of which work together in order to reinforce the body with powerful physical stress support.


Energise your body with Nature! These raw energy bars offer the full health benefits of cacao and orange as well as an outstanding taste. Eating a Kineta Cacao Orange With Maca & Matcha Protein Energy Bar is a clean and satisfying way of fortifying the body before or after cycling, running, swimming, hiking, or a comprehensive gym session, but it can also be enjoyed throughout day-to-day life. Rather than relying on junk food to satisfy hunger pangs on the go, try one of our matcha tea-infused Cacao, Orange & Maca Protein Energy Bars and fuel yourself with #BetterEnergy!


Key Features


  • Gluten & grain free
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians
  • No sticky syrups or added sugars
  • Made using nuts, fruit, ceremonial matcha tea, and that’s it!
  • Healthy & tasty (a rare combination)
  • Only raw bars with added adaptogenics
  • Super clean & super energising
  • Benefits can be enjoyed before or after exercise
  • An energising & healthy alternative for everyday snacking

Cacao Orange Maca Protein Energy Bar x 15

  • Kineta: Our Story

    Founded by Leane Tilley, Kineta is an adventurous health and lifestyle brand based in Devon. 

    Back in 2015, Leane – a lover of nature, avid adventurer and keen health foodie – found herself climbing mountains that overlooked the tea fields of Japan. The vast sea of green leaves that stretched out in front of her lit the spark of inspiration, but it was the life and energy of everybody she came across that fanned this spark into a flame. The people she met were filled with an energy that made them glow, each and every one of them swore by the green tea that they drank. This green tea wasn’t just any green tea though, it was matcha green tea.

    Matcha tea fuelled the rest of her trip and when Leane left, she was hooked. She wanted the same energy and exuberance that the people she met had as part of their everyday life, and knew that there were a lot of others like her who would want the same. 

    Kineta was born. Our philosophy is simple: Matchamise life with #betterenergy.