Chiltern Charcuterie - Seaweed & Pink Peppercorn Salami - 150g

Seaweed and Pink Peppercorn...strange, but of course we had to try it. John and Catherine's fennel salami or chilli salami are easy to describe...delicious and enhanced with fennel or with a perfect punch of chilli. After trying the seaweed and pink peppercorn all I can say is, wow, I love it. The added salty depth of the seaweed combines wonderfully with the fragrant aroma and taste of the pink peppercorn. Who knew...

Chiltern Charcuterie - Seaweed and Pink Peppercorn Salami - 150g

  • Chiltern Charcuterie is a small family run business nestled in the Village of North Dean, Buckinghamshire.


    A leading Artisan producer, with award winning Salami’s and Air Dried Charcuterie. John and Catherine take pride in sourcing their meat from local independent farms, knowing they can provide high quality Free Range Pork, Grass Fed Beef & Lamb.