If you've never tried true Chimichurri, then you are really missing out on a wonderful taste experience (and I'm not talking about those shocking packs of dried ingredients that you 'simply' mix with oil). This Chimichurri is absolutely stunning and perfect across a wide range of dishes. Stir into mayonnaise and it's ready for even more dishes.


A delicious, versatile condiment - possibly the most addictive thing from South America. 


  • 100% natural, vegan friendly and produced in the UK
  • Can be used as a sauce, dip or marinade
  • Made from a recipe that has been carefully refined over the last 10 years, ensuring that there's nothing but goodness in every jar.


Ingredients: olive oil, jalapeno peppers, shallot, white wine vinegar, parsley, Himalayan pink sea salt, garlic, chilli, oregano

Product Claims: vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, nut free, palm oil free, refined sugar free, soya free, sugar free, wheat free


Chimi - Chimichurri -190ml

  • Team CHIMI have put all their love, energy and passion into this great product that is going to give you a twist to the way you cook and enjoy food. I am Jacques a South African guy who loves a good Braai (BBQ), wine and being outdoors.

    I fell in love with Karen, who introduced me to the flavours of Colombia and after trying the most delicious food, I started to refine my own condiment sauce as a personal passion.

    I spent the last 10 years working on this recipe, while looking for the perfect balance. It was then that I realised I accidently created a sauce that was like nothing anybody had tried before. It goes with everything and it even elevates the simplest dish to a new level.