English Breakfast

Type: Black


This most popular black tea blend in Britain goes perfectly with a good hearty breakfast. A full bodied, robust and rich traditional blend, its origins date back to when tea started becoming popular in Britain. Blended with rich Assam and aromatic Ceylon teas to create the perfect combination.


Can be served with or without milk.


Tea Facts:
Origin: India & Sri Lanka
Ingredients: Black tea
Taste: Rich and aromatic
Teaspoons: 1-2 per cup 
Brewing Time: 3-4 Minutes 
Water Temp: 90-100°C

Chiswick Tea - English Breakfast Tea - 100g Tin

  • Chiswick Tea Co is a small London based company that specialises in premium loose-leaf tea from some of the finest plantations around the globe.


    The founder Chris has had many years experience of tasting and working with tea. After several trips to China he came to realise that the U.K tea market was lacking in good quality premium teas. From all of this the Chiswick Tea Co was created.


    The Chiswick Tea Co not only offers you one of the finest ranges of loose leaf teas in the UK but also information on brewing techniques and other ways to enjoy tea.