Farming in Kamthana, India is incredibly diverse, as a wide variety of produce is grown simultaneously intermixed across the land, leading to this incredible ginger.


The fiery flavour of the ginger, baked into this traditional recipe gingerbread cuts through our fudgy Oko Caribe farm milk chocolate with its warming hum.


Tasting Notes

Opening the packet hits you with the smell of freshly baked gingerbread, The bar opens with flavours of fudge and brazilnut with crunchy pockets of fiery ginger and dark molasses.


Ingredients: Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder, gingerbread (wheat flour, butter (milk), ginger, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and sea salt).

Chocolarder - Gingerbread 55% Milk Chocolate

  • Chocolarder is one of the only small batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country. They produce fine quality, stone ground chocolate using organic beans imported from single estate, family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Their obsessive attention to detail yields some of the finest chocolate in production today.