Handmade on the farm with pork from pasture raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.


Nduja has seen a surge in popularity over recent years, particularly as an ingredient to bring spice and colour to the finest modern cuisine. Close Leece Farm is well placed to make Nduja as the quality of the fat is paramount – and there is no better fat than that from a happy Tamworth! 

The team cut no corners and source their spices from the home of Nduja - Spilinga in Calabria. The result is a spicy spreadable charcuterie – a surprise to many, but a treat to all. 

Perfect with toasted ciabatta and a glass of Barolo.


Sold as a 160g vacuum packed stick to ensure freshness.


Ingredients – Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Peperoncino Chillies, Pimenton, Garlic, Wine, Demerara sugar, Oregano, Cayenne, Dextrose, Curing Salt, Vitamin C

Close Leece Farm - Manx Nduja - 160g

  • Tracey and Steven bought Close Leece Farm in 2009. 

    Tracey was the driving force in getting the farm up and running again, there was a lot of work needed (fences, drainage etc.). Tracey imported some rare breed Golden Guernsey goats and chickens. Eventually these were joined by rare breed Tamworth pigs, and Manx bees.

    From the beginning the idea was to give the animals the best welfare standards possible, and combine this with the best feed, to make the highest quality products possible. 

  • Close Leece Farm produce an amazing range of charcuterie, and we are very excited to introduce four of their products to the store (with more to come over the next few months). The products by Tracey, Steven, Colin and Paula, show what can be achieved when you treat your livestock with respect and love...and of course, when you also possess a big dose of talent.