This high coconut extract Coconut Milk (81%) makes a great partner for curry recipies. Not all coconut milks are the same....Waitrose Coconut Milk contains a 60% coconut extract and Blue Dragon a 56% extract.

It took Coconut Kitchen 2 year of trails and recipe formuation to get this one spot on and the right level of creamy-ness to go with our curry pastes. 

Coconut Kitchen - Coconut Milk - 400ml

  • INGREDIENTS: Coconut extract (81.82%), No sodium Meta bi-sulphate, 17-19% coconut oil (fat) content

    Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Nut Free, Soya Free & Sulphite Free.

  • I am really impressed with this range of Thai sauces and pastes, but be warned, these are not your average 'watered down' for the UK market products you find on the high street. They pack a punch and have all the flavours and aromas of traditional Thai food!