Dr Trouble Lemon Chilli replaces the oak smoked flavour with an extra punch of chilli. This is hot stuff but with flavour.


Dr Trouble use the finest home grown chilli, a blend of African Birds Eye and the famous Cayenne Pepper. They gather lemons from the communal lands of Zimbabwe, organic and naturally grown trees, each homestead usually having a lemon tree...


The chilli, lemon juice and spices are poured into custom blown glass sun flagons. These 30 litre flagons, are placed in the hot African sun for up to 60 days. Each flagon gently stirred twice a day, encouraging the flavours to meld into a smooth and aromatic flavour, versatile for all food types. 


Ingredients: Lemon Juice 60 %,African Birds Eye and Cayenne Chilli (30%), Asafoetida extract, Ginger, Garlic, Dried Fenugreek and Salt


Allergen Information: Product is free of allergens.

Dr Trouble - Lemon Chilli Sauce - 125ml


    Dr Trouble African Chilli sauce is premium and unique in that all ingredients are natural and are traded from the African tribes in some of the most remote wild areas in the southern African region of the upper Zambezi valley.The tase profile of our two varients are unique and not matched anywhere in the world.  

    Dr Trouble is naturally produced from lemons (60%) ,chillies (30%) and spices (10%).There are no artificial flavours, preservatives, sugar or vinegar used.

    The sauces are made from Africa Birds Eye chillies introduced into the area by the Portuguese traders in 1600's.Lemons were introduced by the British missionaries in the 1700’s and all families in a “kraal” or homestead will have a few trees.The African birds eye Chilli bushes grown by the tribal people around the perimeter of there crops to deter elephant , kudu , warthog , bush pig and  antelope from eating their crops.

    The sauce is sun cured in large glass fallons for between 60-100 days, each glass fallon being gently turned twice daily.There is no cooking process used ..... only time and large amounts of African sunshine. 

    Our sauces are natural, bespoke , hand crafted and aimed at the discerning fine food consumer.

    Our recipe is based on a genuine 100 year old recipe found years ago among old family artifacts. This recipe has taken nearly 10 years to perfect in the farm kitchen.The smoking process of our Oak Smoke variant is genuine with no "liquid smoke" enhancers used in the process.

    The whole process from start to finish is carried out by hand and is batch processed taking about 3 - 4 months from start to the final bottled product.

    Dr Trouble is limited by ingredients and seasonal patterns.The chillies and lemons rely on rain and are not irrigated nor is any fertiliser used.The remoteness of our trade routes for sourced raw materials used in our sauce can take weeks to fetch ingredients from the tribal areas.Some areas only accessible by ox-wagon / foot in the dry season - in the wet season  high river levels and thick vegetation, malaria, dangerous wild animals buffalo / lion / hyena / crocodile and leopard all adding to the situation. 

  • Take a moment to read the 'About Dr Trouble' section and you will find a product that is truly artisan and steeped in history. The journey taken by the ingredients is nothing short of amazing and really underpins why this product is different from many of the chilli sauces on the market today.

    Both sauces are amazing, however our personal favourite is the Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce. It still has a punch of heat but with a gorgeous smokey back note that you just don't get from artificially smoked products (that use 'smoke flavour').