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Chocolate BBQ


An explosive mix of habanero, cayenne and ancho chillies, smoked all day then blended with cacao & preserved lime. Great with grilled and slow-cooked dishes.


Ingredients: Smoked chilli, smoked red pepper, smoked onion, raw cider vinegar, rice koji (rice, koji cultures), brown sugar, garlic, dry chilli, lime, salt, cacao, soy sauce. (Allergens: soy).

Eaten Alive - Chocolate BBQ - 150ml


    There are thousands of hot sauces available to buy, but only a handful have been through the fermentation process, which produces addictive, satisfyingly savoury characteristics as well a rounded, rich heat. Ours is made by combining scotch bonnet red chillies, a little onion and garlic with salt, submerging in a brine and fermenting at room temperature for several weeks. We then blend with raw, unfiltered cider vinegar and cane sugar to produce a hot sauce brimming with the fruity characteristics of scotch bonnets, intense but full of nuance and flavour.

  • I must confess to having a passion for hot sauce BUT it has to have flavour and not just rely on heat. When we received samples from Eaten Alive, something special happened, and it's something that only happens on very rare occasions (Grahams Steak Mustard being the other occasion)...I started planning my meals based upon what the hot sauce would work best with...I also found myself visiting the fridge just so I could sample a little more of my potent new best friend. Whichever sauce you choose, you will not be disappointed, Eaten Alive have skillfully combined heat with real depth of flavour. Eaten Alive, my cap is doffed...Hmm I wonder what it would taste like with a little eaten alive hot sauce...