Handcrafted, unique bangle formed in Sterling Silver, from the Zealous collection. Sterling Silver bangle, 5mm wide with dipersed Zealous style detail.


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Products are handmade to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Some items are held in stock and delivery of these items can be expected sooner

Emma Burfoot - Wide Sterling Silver Bangle

  • Emma is a jewellery designer & maker who creates  her designs in her studio in Havant, Hampshire. Emma creates large statement pieces of jewellery which then inform smaller more wearable pieces created in precious metals, predominantly silver and 9ct gold.


    Emma's work has a very structural feel to it, using different thicknesses of line to create outlines which emphasise the negative space within them. The use of these outlines allows her work to remain delicate, no matter how large the piece. She uses layering to create pieces which are interesting to look at from every direction and combines traditional hand making skills with the use of modern technologies which allows her to be ‘hands on’ with her work, but also increase precision.

  • In a world seemingly dominated by high street jewellers, it's almost impossible to find a unique statement piece for either a loved one or just for yourself. 


    With that in mind we are pleased to launch our new Jewellery section with a range by the very talented Emma Burfoot.


    Each piece is handmade, unique and actually excellent value for money.