4 x 250ml Peru - ready to drink bottles


Perfect for your fridge at home or work - a pick me up just when you need it!


  • Vegan friendly

  • Sugar Free

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Nothing added


Far Side Coffee - 4 x 250ml Peru

  • Founded by Kadie Regan in 2017, Far Side Coffee was borne out of a desire to be able to swig really good cold brew here in the UK. With strong roots in America, we knew that cold brew could be rich, vibrant and diverse in flavour. That wasn't the case back in England, so we decided to make it ourselves.


    With the right combination of speciality coffee, water and time, we managed to make some really great cold brew, and others agreed! We started brewing and bottling our product fresh, distributing it locally around the South West of the UK. The next step was to prolong our shelf life so that we could venture further afield, but we needed to be able to do this without adding any nasties or interfering with the cold brew process. In Summer 2018 we finally nailed it, and now have shelf stable products that taste phenomenal, with no compromises of flavour or process.


    We are proud to be a female owned business, and employ women for our events and festivals throughout the year to promote women working in the coffee industry. That's why we source our coffee solely from women's coffee alliances at origin; it means so much to us to champion these amazing female producers.