Cracked black pepper and sea salt are a classic combination and work wonderfully well when blended with our best Ormskirk potatoes – grown and cooked on our farm. The warmth of the black pepper gives the crisps a subtle kick that leaves you wanting more.


Delicious as they are, or even better, with a glass of crisp dry white wine or cold beer.


See additional image for nutritional values.


Fiddler's Lancashire Crisps - Black Pepper & Sea Salt - 40g

  • For over 50 years the Fiddler family have farmed the famed rich black soils of the Rufford and Lancashire plains, passing down potato growing expertise from father to son across three generations.

    The whole family are now involved in making the crisps. Robert Fiddler is responsible for sowing and nurturing the potato plants, deciding when to harvest for the best flavour and texture. Only the highest grade of potatoes are selected for Fiddler’s Lancashire Crisps, which are produced in state of the art kitchens purpose built on our farm.