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  • Fine Granulated Himalayan Salt Crystals for everyday cooking
  • Hand-mined and ethically sourced
  • Contains Natural 84 natural minerals and trace elements
  • Contains No Preservatives or Additives


Himalayan Salt is a healthier alternative to processed white table salt and helps food taste amazing with its mineral notes. Use it for cooking the same way you would regular table salt.


Himalayan salt has been hand-mined from an ancient salt deposit seabed created about 250 million years ago. These reputable salt mines have been unexposed to any modern-day pollution such as microplastics and therefore the salt sourced from them are known to be the purest on earth.


This salt comes in an eco-friendly reusable and durable 175g spice jars made from superior quality of high borosilicate glass.



Fine Pink Halite Salt - 175g

  • Our family have been using Himalayan salt for over 30 years and are strong believers in the benefits of this extraordinary granulated substance. Ever since we have known about it we have been inspiring people to use this salt.


    Eventually, in 2001 our mother founded her company called AQS-exklusiv GmbH, based in Germany. 


    Over the years she was inspired further and produced several products with this unique salt. The custom-made chopping board is one of those, which we are proud to be exclusively selling for her.


    In 2018 my sister and I founded our company AHQ Group Ltd and through our brand “Himalite” we wish to continue promoting the use of this healthier option over standard processed white salt.


  • Meeting Ansa and her sister at a recent trade show was an amazing experience...they had such genuine passion and excitement as they demonstrated their range to me. The salt is wonderful, however for me the board took things to a different level. Ansa was kind enough to provide me with one of her original handmade boards and as well as seasoning my food as I prep, it has also become a real talking point with dinner guests.