Pasilla Chilli and 5-Spice with Jersey Milk & Maldon Sea Salt. Our most deliciously-decadent creation to date from the Foraged Fire kitchen. Our take on this classic salted-caramel from Argentina is infused with our own blend of whole roasted spices and three distinct varieties of chilli - chosen for their balance of aroma, flavour and mild heat.


The predominant flavours are vanilla, raisin and cinnamon with a gentle warmth. Just incredible with ice-cream, shortbread, stirred in to a coffee or, honestly, just eat it from a spoon. Seriously, it’s that good.


Heat Level: 3 out of 10


INGREDIENTS: Cream (Milk), Jersey Milk (28%), Golden Caster Sugar, Pasilla Peppers (2%), Ancho Chilli Powder, Aged Guajillo Peppers, Maldon Sea Salt (0.7%), Szechuan Peppercorns, Cassia Bark, Ceylon Cinnamon, Star Anise, Cloves, Wild Fennel Pollen.


Allergens in BOLD  Note: Made in a kitchen which may handle all allergens.

Foraged Fire - 5-Spice Dulce De Leche - 200g

  • Foraged Fire combines a life-long obsession with food, cookery and a love of all things spicy, with a passion for creative, uncommon and wild-foraged ingredients.

    Drawing on a more than a decade of experience as a fine dining chef and taking inspiration from world flavours and traditional recipes, Foraged Fire make an exceptional range of hot-sauces, artisan condiments and gourmet foods.

    Tim and Michelle grow, harvest and forage for as many ingredients as possible to produce their seasonal range. They have also been collecting rare and unusual chilli varieties for years. Each year they grow 50-60 different varieties in their small greenhouse and cottage garden, along with several of the exotic fruits used in their sauces and condiments.

  • Sometimes you just know from looking at a brand, that it's going to be something special, and that is very much the case with Foraged Fire. We are excited to introduce four of their products and we confidently predict that more will follow quickly.

    All four are stunning, the English Mustard with green peppercorns, garlic, wild horseradish and aged cayenne chillies, the Hot Honey with bourbon vanilla and a pleasant but never overwhelming heat from the pasilla chilli, a punchy chilli jam and then the completely indulgent 5-spice Dulce De Leche with the slight heat and delightful crunch of Maldon Sea Salt.