Another unbeatable mustard by Graham's. I'm not normally the biggest fan of Dijon but Graham's Dijon is absolutely packed with flavour and a real punch of clean heat. 


Ingredients: Water, mustard seed, spirit vinegar,salt, antioxidant, citric acid and spices

Allergens in bold

Graham's Dijon Mustard - 190g

  • We first began messing around in the kitchen trying to recreate a wholegrain mustard that my grandmother used to make, we got such a good response from everybody that we decided to take it to the local market.

    It was from these humble beginnings that we began to grow and expand the range, first with a classic Dijon Mustard but with attitude. A true Dijon mustard is supposed to make you sit up in your seat and pay attention.

    Our Horseradish Sauce is equally unapologetic, something that is absolutely full of grated horseradish....enjoy

  • Occasionally a product comes along that is so delicious you just can’t stop eating it, in fact it’s so good you start matching your meals to it. This is the case with Graham’s Steak Mustard, stunningly smooth with a heady punch of fresh Tarragon. Amazingly the Dijon and Horseradish are equally as stunning.