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Granny's Secret - Ajvar with Tomato & Chilli - 550g


The flavours of this ajvar with tomato & chilli are like a kaleidoscope for the taste buds. Every bite evokes new experiences, affirming the mastery of our people who perfected the ancient recipes.


  • Fresh from the fields - to the grill: Delicious fire roasted red peppers, skins removed then cooked with some salt & oil at low temperature.
  • All Natural, 93% of red peppers, 4.5kg of red peppers per 1 kg of Ayvar; 3 Ingredients only
  • Contains no additives, and no added sugar
  • Traditional, Homestyle Recipe, Ready to Eat
  • Award winning delicious products from the Balkans


Granny's Secret - Ajvar with tomato & chilli - 550g

  • A placewhere the secret is kept


    Granny’s Secret offers the original ajvar handmade from the best peppers in the Kopaonik region as well as award-winning juices and jams. High-quality food free from artificial ingredients and full of nutrients thanks to traditional recipes and careful preparation.


    Untouched nature: the home of Granny’s Secret


    Kopaonik mountain lays in the heart of Central Europe. It represents the natural heritage declared a national park, that holds in its original state, abundant forest flora and fauna, along with others natural rarities protected by law. On the foothill of the mountain Kopaonik lies small village - Igroš, where Granny’s Secret products are being made, surrounded with rich fields, rows of fruit-bearing trees, along the soft slopes of the valleys, where you can breathe deeply and draw nothing but clear, fresh air into your lungs.


    Refreshes both body and soul


    The luscious green of the extensive forests, the cold spring water that refreshes body and soul on hot summer days, the blazing red pepper harvest, and above all the Kopaonik, the mountains of sun and snow – which awakes senses and childhood memories.


    Life like once used to be


    The people live in humble conditions and yet, they are content, at peace with themselves and their surroundings. Here, the farmers still cut their hay with a scythe, sow and plough by hand. They let the seasons and nature dictate their everyday lives, live in small villages scattered all over the mountainside and yet, they form a cheerful united community.

  • I discovered Granny's Secret and their range of Ajvar at the Fine Food Fair in London. I have never tried Ajvar before, but wow it is really good. Over 2kg of the finest slow roasted red peppers go into each 550g jar. Great with pasta, rice or pretty much anything...quality matches well with most things...