Packed with vitamin E and high in omega 3, 6 and 9, this nutritious extra virgin oil can be used in all types of cooking and has half the saturated fat of olive oil. 


Made with 100% cold pressed rapeseed oil, grown and pressed here on the farm in Suffolk, Hillfarm fully traceable and sustainable British oil can be used in place of refined and hydrogenated oils, butter, animal fats, nut oils, coconut oil or olive oil. 


A high burn point of 220ºC makes it perfect for frying and roasting, while its wonderfully delicate and nutty flavour and golden colour is ideal for dips, dressings, sauces, marinades, mash, cakes and puddings. 


Ingredients: Extra virgin rapeseed oil


Key Nutrients

Omega 3 (8.1g/100ml)
Omega 6 (15.5g/100ml)
Omega 9 (52g/100ml)
Vitamin E (23mg/100ml)



Store in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight.



Average values per 100ml
Energy 3344kj (813kcal)
Fat 89g
- of which saturates 6.5g

Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil - 500ml

  • The Fairs family have farmed in Suffolk since 1967. In 2004 they became the first farm in the UK to grow, press and bottle their own cold pressed rapeseed oil. People are now hooked on its nutty flavour, versatility in the kitchen as well as its nutritional benefits.

    We encourage the diversity of the flora and fauna and work with nature to improve the population of beneficial insects. Many insects, bees and butterflies are found in our rapeseed fields as the tall crop provides both food and shelter.

    Bees love our borage and rapeseed crops. We grow borage close to our rapeseed crops to provide the bees with a longer flowering season.   We work alongside a few beekeepers who keep more than 100 hives on the farm and in Spring 2016 we introduced 10 of our own beehives. It’s these hives that produce our delicious hillfarm honey.


    In 2014 we made a pledge to ban the use of the three potentially harmful neonicotinoid chemicals in our seed treatments at Hillfarm.

    Bees are important to us and we take great care not to harm them in any way.  In 2016, our commitment to save the bees was  recognised by Friends of the Earth in their Bee Friendly Shopper’s Guide to Rapeseed Oil.

  • In addition to the Hillfarm Oil, we have to say that, in our opinion, the honey, mayonnaise and salad cream really are standout products. The salad cream is rich and creamy but with just the right level of acidity. The mayo's with a backnote provided by the oil, a hint of accidity and then a punch of garlic from one and small chunks of olive in the other. These really are wonderful products and incredibly well priced taking into account the quality and the size of the jars. My has to be a tie between the olive mayo and the salad cream.