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A gift set of 3 limited edition raw British honeys from small scale beekeepers across the UK.


The Honey & Bees Gift Set comes with facts about bees to pique the recipient’s interest as well as .the story of the beekeepers, making it a real joy to open the box and discover the honeys, each labelled with where it’s from, the beekeeper and its main flavour type.


This makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike, for birthdays, Christmas, to take as thank you gift for your hosts - everyone loves it! Especially if they’re fascinated by bees and keen to learn more!


Our honeys are straight from the hive, just spun out, and put through a sieve - nothing added or taken out. No blending or heating. It means the honeys are all intact and as the bees intended. It takes thousands of miles and millions of visits to flowers to make a jar of honey.


140 g x 3 jars presented in a gift box.

Hive & Keeper - Honey & Bees Gift Set

  • Hive & Keeper brings you British honey straight from the hive, full of health benefits and natural flavours that reflect their provenance and the bees that made them.


    Achieving scale in the honey industry has meant that honey packers have been treating every honey they buy from bee farmers in the UK, EU, China and beyond as if it’s the same; mixing them all together to create a bland single honey flavour that loses the originality of each one that’s gone into the mix. 


    Hive & Keeper’s honeys are different: each has their own flavour, colour and texture created solely by nature and not by the blending process, They speak of the place and the bees that made them.


    Each honey is a unique experience and connects you back to the hive & keeper it came from.


    Hive & Keeper bring you over 30 honey's from artisan beekeepers across the UK, each one is specific to a single apiary and harvest, with their flavours created by nature that speak of the place and bees that made them.


    We bring you honey collections, jars and clubs for honey lovers, bee lovers, foodies, the health conscious, and those who care are about where their food has come from.  We introduce your senses to each honey’s aroma, flavour, colour and texture and connect you back to the place and bees that they come from.

  • Emily, the founder of Hive & Keeper has created something really special with her company. Honey is like fine wine, with unique flavour profiles provided by the region it's grown, further influenced by the type of soil or flowers and the micro climate. 


    We already have a range of stunning honey in store, however what Hive & Keeper offer, is an exciting journey of honey exploration; the chance to gain an understanding of different types of honey and how they are affected by regional influences. Well done Emily and thank you for allowing us to stock your wonderful range of honey!