Acacia honey provides the perfect introduction to the world of honey as it has a mild taste with hints of vanilla. Acacia honey has a low glucose content and a low glycemic index so is good for people who are sensitive to sugar.


This variety of honey is particularly good for use on irritated skin as it has a soothing effect and can help repair wounds, infections and damage.


Acacia honey is perfect for use in a wide range of recipes such as: cakes, cookies, desert toppings, ice creams, warm honey teas, salads and meat glazes, because its light flavour will complement rather than alters a dish’s taste.


Maters & Co - Raw Acacia Honey - 325g

  • Since the last century, Willem & Sara Maters have resided in the beautiful south Cambridgeshire countryside on a small holding with their own beehives, livestock and a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables. Their daughter Kate inherited this passion for healthy and natural living and decided to take this lifestyle beyond her family and children, and so, Maters and Co was founded upon these principles of raw, natural goodness of the highest quality.

    Our jars are branded with 22ct gold and organic inks which are fired on at 580 degrees celsius. Our labels and boxes are hot foiled with gold to compliment these jars for a superior finish. We feel, the produce is of the highest quality, and so the packaging should also reflect this level, quality from the inside out.