Flame Baked Water Crackers


Baked by hand. Flame-baked water crackers for cheese, pâtés and dips. The simplest and the best water cracker. Just flour and water, no salt. Flame-baked in a flash for a toasty finish. A versatile cracker with universal appeal.


Miller's Elements Water Crackers - 70g

  • We are a long-standing family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District, a national park.

    We started over 70 years ago. In that time, the world has changed dramatically; but, in the bakery, the way we bake biscuits is barely any different.

    We use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that we have for decades.

    Here in Ashbourne, England, we have a saying: 'Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, ducks'.


    Everything we bake at Artisan Biscuits is made by real people.

    We sift and weigh our ingredients by hand, test our mix according to consistency, bake our biscuits until the smell is just right, and check each one by eye. The same way we have done for decades.

    Our most cherished tools are over 80 years old and we use them every day. We appreciate reliability, here in Derbyshire.


    We use the best quality natural ingredients in everything we bake.

    We want the finest flavours for our baking, so we only use butter, non-hydrogenated oil or extra virgin olive oil.

    We never use artificial additives or preservatives. Why would we, when ingredients are this good?


    At Artisan Biscuits, we are sticklers for detail. We want our biscuits to look and taste as irresistible as possible.

    Every cracker and biscuit we make is checked at each stage of its journey through our bakery.

    Our head baker checks to make sure the dough temperature is just right, so that it doesn’t stick to the bronze rollers in our 1930s moulding machine.

    By the time a biscuit or cracker reaches you, it will have been checked and given the thumbs up by 20 different bakery staff.

  • INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour (Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Water


    Typical values per 100g
    Energy 1532kJ
    Fat 1.1g
    of which saturates 0.6g
    Carbohydrate 81.0g
    of which sugars 1.4g
    Protein 10.3g
    Salt 0.01g

    Product Details

    Origin Information

    • England
    • Made in England

    Allergy advice

    • Produced in a bakery that handles Soya