Embodying the spirit of the Mockingbird, humbly mimicking the traditional taste of tequila, our non alcoholic alcoternative means you can still enjoy the taste of blue agave tequila whilst allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines. 


A passionately produced Alcoternative™ that imitates the essence of mezcal, with added natural energy. 


Featuring pure Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that benefits mental and physical wellbeing by responding to stress and balancing the mind. 


With all vegan ingredients to support health and happiness. 0% Alcohol with 100% Blue Agave.

Mockingbird Spirit - Non Alcoholic Tequila - 5cl

  • Mockingbird Spirit is an alcohol free ‘Tequila’ alternative, or ‘Alcoternative’, if you will. Developed and launched during the depths of Covid-19 by a first time, female founder.

    Mirroring the UK’s newfound love for margarita’s and Mezcal during lockdown, responding to the lack of non-alcoholic options for mocktails of a similar vain.

    Mockingbird Spirit is made using authentic Blue Weber Agave (the ingredient that gives Tequila/ Mezcal its unique taste), straight from the origin in Mexico. Tequila and tacos, the perfect pairing! Helped by the growing popularity of Mexican food and drink there was a need for a first of its kind, non-alcoholic ‘Tequila’ alcoternative.

    The only alcohol free ‘Tequila’ that uses genuine Blue Weber Agave, allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines.

    Mockingbird Spirit also includes Ashwagandha as one of its key ingredients. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body manage stress and anxiety. Prominent in the art of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb that can diminish cortisol (stress hormone) levels, reduce blood sugar levels and boost brain function- basically, the opposite to what alcohol does to the body. This means you will feel an energizing, tension-reducing effect when consuming it. Typical results are that you feel productive and creative, not bored or lethargic. Perfect for both a sober night or even a sober life.

    We use all vegan ingredients to support health and happiness. This is a passionately produced Alcoternative that imitates the essence of Mezcal and the taste of Tequila.

  • I have never really understood the concept of a drink that you have to use in conjuction with Salt and then Lime. Don't misunderstand me, I love tequila as part of a cocktail but I just didn't really get the wider appeal. 

    I do however get Mockingbird Spirit, a very clever name and a very clever drink with a stunning nose. Fern has made this drink using Blue Weber Agave and it is the stronger for it. Highly recommended.

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