Felicetti - Organic Monograno Farro Spaghetti - 500g


Valentino Felicetti source the best organic grains for their specialist pastas. Easily digestible, high in fibre and is rich in vitamins A, B, E and mineral salts. This pasta can be suitable for those with wheat intolerances. Artisan comment - in our opinion Farro should not be reserved for those with wheat intolerances as it's delicious and is perfect for a cold pasta dish or a light dish where the pasta plays a key role (note. please check to ensure Farro is acceptable for you if you have a wheat intolerance).


Farro (Spelt) has been in use for thousands of years, since the ancient days of Celts, Egyptians and Etruscans. Today, our skillful pasta makers know how to truly make the best of it. While it cooks, this pasta emits a distinct scent of fresh hazelnut and grilled aubergine. 


Ingredients: Organic EMMER WHEAT (Triticum Dicoccum) flour*, water.


Average Nutritional Values - per 100g
Energy kJ / kcal 1491 / 352
Fat (g) 2.0
of which saturates (g) 0.3
Carbohydrate (g) 69.0
of which sugars (g) 2.0
Fibre (g) 5.0
Protein (g) 12.0
Salt (g) 0.0

Monograno Felicetti - Farro Spaghetti - 500g


    Seggiano is the name of the small hilltop village on Monte Amiata in southern Tuscany, where Peri Eagleton and David Harrison have farmed organic olives since 1985.

    Twenty years ago they started selling their local Olivastra Seggianese extra virgin olive oil and a selection of wonderful artisan foods from small family food producers. Their brand is SEGGIANO, named in honour of the village where the story started.

    Grown with an uncompromising commitment to ethical ingredients and food production, healthy delicious eating and a love of simple, genuine Italian food.

    With over 20 years in the business, SEGGIANO is still the choice of Real Food lovers.

  • Seggiano products are absolutely stunning and they really do offer so much more than the standard high street imposters. Whether a humble bowl of pasta, a creamy risotto, or some antipasto with a cheeky glass of wine, you really can't get better than Seggiano.