A delicious combination of strawberries, coconut and raw honey with a hint of white cacao and vanilla.


One pouch contains 7 delicious Organic Strawberry coconut macaroons.

Gluten free, Dairy Free, Soya Free, Refined Sugar Free, Egg Free


Ingredients: Desiccated Coconut, Raw Honey, Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Pure Maple Syrup, Freeze-dried Strawberry, Raw Cacao Butter, Vanilla Powder.

Nourish - Organic Strawberry Coconut Macaroons - 125g

  • Nourish – grow, cook, enjoy evolved as part of my own personal journey towards a nourished life. From an early age I had a love of the whole process of growing, cooking and enjoying good food. I trained as a registered practice nurse and would regularly talk to my patients about their diet and how they ate. Whilst many of these diets, from various regulatory bodies sounded healthy, they weren’t completely nourishing and were missing key nutrients and healthy fats. Using my medical knowledge and engaging my passion for food I decided to create my own recipes and Nourish was born. Starting small, producing a handmade product in my home kitchen provided me with the opportunity to play with flavours and combinations. Today Nourish coconut macaroons are our signature range with more products in development. The macaroons are still made by hand by a small team of super people in our own little hidden corner of the Surrey Hills. We've since won Great Taste Awards for our Passionfruit Macaroons and Coconutty Bars.