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Tangy Apple - 20g


Super sour apple crisps made from Bramley Seedling or Grenedier variety slowly air dried to give them an extra kick.


Apple Crisps:

· count as part of your 5-a-day;

· have less than 1g of fat;

· no added sugar

· less than 70 calories per 20g pack;

· are completely natural;

· are 100% homegrown;

· are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, dairy free & nut free.


Comment by the artisan general store

Please note the size of the pack and also be aware that unlike 'traditional' crisps the pieces of apple are smaller (see image). We have included Perry Court Farm products due to the exceptional quality and taste of their products. The smaller pack size works well due to the intensity of flavour. We have never experienced an air-dried crisp that has the same crunch as a fried crisp. We were also impressed by the tartness of the 'tangy apple' and the sweetness of the 'sweet apple'.

Perry Court Farm - Air Dried Apple Crisps - Tangy Apple - 20g

  • Perry Court Farm Apple Crisps are made using a completely natural drying process; warm air is blown over the slices of apple for hours and hours until crisp and scrumptious, then packaged quickly to keep them like this. This slow drying method keeps all the goodness of a fresh apple in the crisps, but allows you to keep it much longer (drying is a natural way of preserving fruit, used since the Ancient Egyptians!).

    Perry Court Farm uses traditional English varieties of apple, selecting the best from over 100 different cultivars, including Cox orange Pippin, Laxtons Fortune and Ribstone Pippin.