Punjabi Ketchup - 275g


The Punjabi community has probably travelled further and settled down in more places than almost anyone else on the planet. And along with them came the famous Bangra dance and some of India's most iconic and popular dishes. Ever tried butter chicken? Of course you have, and we know how much you love it. That's why we spent ages trying to make a ketchup that tasted exactly like a butter chicken gravy. And it worked! This bottle contains everything you want from an aromatic, rich plate of butter chicken, but now you can enjoy it in the convenient form of an easy-to-use ketchup! Dip away, folks.


Allergy advice: contains cashew nuts

Pico Punjabi Ketchup - 275g

  • Pico is showcasing the new, up-coming food culture that is sweeping across India right now. 

    Pico takes hold of this vibrant youth culture and marries it with the founders' own passion and enthusiasm for food and cooking, and has converted its own take on the new flavours coming out of modern India into a range of delicious hot sauces and chutneys.

    Pico is authentically Indian; the whole team is based in Mumbai, they make all of their sauces in India and all of the ingredients are sourced from within India. However, Pico is not 'authentic' in the sense of traditional - Pico is a reflection of the new India that many people haven't yet experienced outside the country.