Raw Artisan Honey - Cinnamon Infused Honey - 220g


State: Runny/ Semi Set


Cinnamon Infused Raw Acacia Honey

We created Cinnamon Honey by combining these two superfoods Honey & Cinnamon into one fantastic blend. We used our very best Raw Acacia Honey and natural cinnamon. It has absolutely nothing artificial added.


We love Cinnamon Honey on morning cereals or on toast with some butter, it's beautiful. It gives a boost to your Greek yoghurt or your favourite crumpets. Try Cinnamon Honey in tea or coffee.

Kids love it because of its mild cinnamon flavour and natural sweetness.


Health benefits of Cinnamon Honey

Helps control cholesterol levels, digestive disorders and can be beneficial for anaemia sufferers.


This is a runny honey but can crystallise if stored at low temperatures.


Raw Artisan Honey - Cinnamon Infused Honey - 220g

  • Our aim is to help producers to keep on doing the great job they do. Getting a fair price for their hard work and provide a sustainable business for their families. 

    We never mix honey from different sources, we believe that honey is like wine, it has characteristics of type of plant it’s been collected from, and the hard work and care the beekeeper invested in it. Therefore, all our honey has full traceability back to the producer. 

    Our honey has never been pasteurised, heat treated, microfiltered or mixed with honey from different sources.