Delicate and smooth extra virgin olive oil. A delicious light accompaniment to any meal, with less than 0.35% acidity. A rich, healthy Organic Certified product with a grassy but mellow and buttery texture around the mouth and a bright and citrus edge on the tongue.


A wonderful opportunity to experience a stunning olive oil by a small artisan family business.

Skapeti - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

  • What makes SkapEti Olive Oil Unique? 

    For us, our olive oil has always been special. Now, we are recognised globally, having received the Silver Quality Award by IOOC (International Olive Oil Competition). SkapEti is from the heart of the Peloponnese, each bottle crafted with passion, filled with the richest and smoothest Greek olive oil. We are a family-based business, which means stocks are limited. Luckily, our flavours and quality are not.

    The finest olive oil – we exceed all EVOO standards.

    Single Estate: All olives from one private farm. No blending. No mixing. 

    Single Producer: Totally controlled production. Every single olive is picked, pressed and produced in exactly the same way.

    MonoVarietal: Our ‘Manaki’ trees are unique. During harvest time, they only produce a certain number of olives, which means supplies are limited. The velvety texture and ready-to-eat fruity aromas make it perfect for salads. It’s full of flavour and adds that extra something, to all forms of cooking.

    Harvest: We hand-pick all olives and harvest them while they are still green – a guaranteed fresh product full of nutrients.

    Unfiltered: This enhances the flavour and velvety texture, and more importantly ensures that no natural nutrients are lost.

    Milling: We cold press our olives the same day they are harvested.