SuperSeed Flaxseed Penne tastes slightly different compared to traditional pasta, a little bit sweet and wholesome, but still delicious. It is a great source of fibre and has a high protein and mineral content (magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc).


  • Ultra-low carbohydrate content (29.5 g in 100 g pasta)
  • About 90% lower sugar content compared to conventional pasta, approx. 1g
  • High nutrition content
  • High plant based protein content, 30g in 100g (240% more than conventional pasta)
  • High fibre content, 20g in 100g (600% more than conventional pasta), which promotes healthy bowel movement
  • Low glycemic index and low glycemic load - a slow and over time distributed increase in blood sugar level, therefore highly recommended to diabetics
  • Ideal for losing weight, for diabetics, a ketogenic diet
  • Rich in minerals: magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc
  • Naturally free of gluten, prolamin, lectins and saponin
  • Certified by Sugar Wise


Ingredients: Flaxseed meal, Tapioca, Egg

SuperSeed Flaxseed Penne - 250g

  • SuperSeed & SuperGrain Artisan Pasta was born from two gardener’s long standing dream of making healthy, nutritious & tasty gluten free pasta. You might ask who are these gardeners?


    We are: Marianna, a coeliac and dyslexic (gardener), and Keith (soulmate) a gluten intolerant & diabetic gardener. We apologise for all the spelling mistakes, even before they are discovered. We make much better pasta, compared to our ability to spell. I promise. 


    ​​We are both passionate about food and healthy living, so started to make pasta out of ancient grains and seeds we knew as gardeners and already used them in our kitchen, only sprinkling on our lunch and dinner. The pastas we made proved to be scrumptious & flavoursome, so we decided to try to make a living out of it... 


    ​You can ask why?

    ​Because we believe our pastas are good for everyone (not just for gardeners!), they are full of nutrition, have low sugar levels (great for diabetics) and bursting with protein and fibre! They will keep you on the move – no more energy slump after having a delicious pasta meal.


    ​Our approach is fresh, but the methods we use are traditional to give you good, tasty products with a homemade feel. We hope our creative approach to gluten free pasta making will pleasantly surprise you!

  • Having tried both the Millet Penne and Sesame Fusilli, I was mightily impressed by Nomad Health's talents. Not being Gluten intolerant, I can only judge based upon texture and flavour and on both counts they performed really well and I doubt anyone trying the pasta would be aware they were eating anything other than delicious tasting pasta. Another BIG plus point is the cooking time, which is around 80% quicker than traditional pasta (perfect to stir into a soup prior to serving). 

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