Sweet & Sour Peppers.


Sweet & Sour Peppers is a zingy combination of peppers with a touch of chilli. Amazing with cheese, burgers, or as a pizza topping.


Delicious for everyone, and also a FreeFrom Relish.

Do you have dietary requirements that mean you must avoid eating onions? 

With more and more people discovering they have an allergy or intolerance to foods, it's good to discover tasty items that don't contain certain ingredients. If you are looking for an onion-free recipe, this zingy relish is delightfully tangy and great with cheese or as an alternative relish on burgers. This relish is an onion-free recipe.

The Bay Tree - Sweet & Sour Peppers

  • Having grown up making delicious preserves with her mother, founder Emma Macdonald, has always had an obsession for food and the pursuit of taste.  This passion for discovering exciting and innovative flavours saw her travel the world as a chef, before launching The Bay Tree. 

    From the very start, The Bay Tree has married traditional cooking methods with innovative flavours.  They have a passion for tradition but their inherent sense of adventure continues to push them, to fully explore many conceivable flavours - only ever bringing you something that they are truly proud of.  These values are still central to their philosophy today...making the ordinary extraordinary.