Encapsulated ZEET Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Classic, soft and fruity.


ZEET Olive Oil Pearls can be used into all kind of dishes where olive oil is usually used. The result is simply magical !


A spherical shape like caviar but vegan caviar which dissolve in the mouth for an extra aromatic flavour. The intense colours and flavours open up new possibilities when it comes to the presentation of food and drink.


ZEET pearls keep their texture even up to 60°C, so you can even use them to garnish hot dishes. Great with fish, artichoke and asparagus.


Ingredients - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 85%, Water Gelifier (E401) & Stabilizer (E509)

E509 is a natural salt and firming agent. E401 is a natural polysaccharide, produced by different seaweeds and used as a thickening agent and emulsifier 

Zeet Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls - 50g