Encapsulated ZEET Extra Virgin Olive Oil with natural basil aroma


ZEET Basil pearls put an instant modernist twist on a classic caprese salad. Scatter the pearls over slices of mozzarella and fresh tomato in place of olive oil and fresh basil. The golden-green pearls will burst in your mouth to release the intense basil aroma.


Great with either hot or cold dishes and can be used in soups up to 60c.


Ingredients - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 85%, Water Gelifier (E401), Stabilizer (E509), Natural Basil Aroma


E509 is a natural salt and firming agent. E401 is a natural polysaccharide, produced by different seaweeds and used as a thickening agent and emulsifier 

Zeet Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls with natural Basil - 50g

  • Zeet is the culmination of a century of olive growing and invaluable know-how mastered in a dedicated family run business in North Africa.

    Tunisia has established itself as the world’s leading exporter of olive oil and remains one of the top three global producers in the same league as Italy and Spain.

    Our young and dynamic company is dedicated to supply the purest and finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grown and processed in small-scale certified estates. We know that only with hard work and commitment we can produce the best Olive Oil.  

    Zeet represents stories of passion, hard work and love. Zeet is the Arabic word for ‘liquid’, we are proud to supply this uniquely delicious product worldwide.